The Hundreds x Reebok Pump AXT: “Coldwaters Pack”

Color & Material / Logo / Apparel Graphics

This is a footwear/apparel collaboration between two industry giants that our footwear team had the pleasure of working on. I was asked to create potential color ways for this special project under the direction of Sr. Footwear Director, Liz Yoon. I was also in charge of creating/adjusting tech-packs for each color way, and picking the fabrics we were going to use. The black pair was created as an inverse color way of an original Pump released decades ago. The particular pump was and is one of Bobby’s (Co-Founder/CEO) favorite shoe of all time. The green color way was created as an alternative pair to juxtapose the black shoes. Both pairs are built from a waterproof suede material. I was also asked to create the collaborative logo between the two companies which ended up being used on the mold for the pump. My final responsibility for this project was to create one out of two shirts that would be released alongside the footwear. Released on Black Friday 2014 and sold out the very same weekend.

direction from Elizabeth Yoon / product photos by The Social Trust / lifestyle photos by Taylor Scalise