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Works that are currently in progress or that I'm too lazy to put in sections and write descriptions for.

"I'm New New because I always rock that new, new shit."


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This was a personal challenge to create a series of graphics only using an iPhone. Sorry Adobe.

Creative Direction: Qudoe

Hit-Boy: HB30


I made this graphic for Grammy award winning producer, Hit-Boy's 30th birthday.

Creative Direction: Qudoe & Hit-Boy

F.C. Dorsum presents "Ice Ice Bottle"

Creative Direction

This is honestly the greatest commercial of all time.

Trying explain the contents of this video to someone who hasn't seen it,

would be like trying to explain a rainbow to a blind person. 

Creative Direction: Qudoe & Dav Vinyl  Shot & Edited: Dav Vinyl  Actor: Jae Won Kyung

Pico House: Union Lamb


Creative Direction: Pico House

Andrés Escobar 


Creative Direction: F.C. Dorsum  Production & Assistance: Sam Ko, Rachel Chiang, Jaewon Kyung, Rachael Hwang