Nike: Kobe IX EM “Silk”

Pattern Design

During my internship with the Swoosh I had the pleasure of working on the final Kobe IX EM to release. I received creative direction from Senior Graphic Designer, Erick Goto and worked with Color Designer, Ashley Low to create a China inspired pattern for this particular shoe. The pattern was translated onto a Nike Basketball Elite sock as well.

"Uniting East and Western cultures. Kobe Bryant’s excellence on the court has attracted fans worldwide for years. Kobe has in turn, throughout the years visited different cities around the world to promote the development of basketball. The Kobe 9 EM ‘Silk’ has linked inspiration to the Silk Road in Asia, connecting the West and East, and represents a mix of different cultures to show their contribution to the world, as well as Kobe’s impact worldwide. In ancient times, purple silk was one of the most precious and cherished materials, the Kobe 9 Silk features engineered mesh with purple tones, decorated with a Nike golden Swoosh, golden Kobe logo and signature. The oriental pattern is inspired by the famous Dunhuang Murals, a testimony to the many people passing through the Silk Road, and its interspersed by serpentine markings, representing Kobe’s journey through different paths."

direction from Erick Goto / color design by Ashley Low / product photos by