Grammy Museum / Jay-Z: Show No Marcy Exhibit

Identity / Exhibit & Spatial Design

This project was a Grammy Museum rebrand as well as an exhibit design. The Grammy Museum rebrand's purpose was to bring a fresh, contemporary look to pair with the energy of the space. I included a rebrand of the 2016 Grammy Awards just to complete the entire system. I chose to base my exhibit design off of hip-hop legend Jay-Z. This would be a show to celebrate his life and accomplishments through spatial and graphic design.  In order to tell his story, I clipped out various articles of Jay-Z's clothing and accessories over the past twenty years and arranged them into two different poster series. I titled the exhibit Show No Marcy. For the spatial design I thought of a simple but different way to interact with information pertaining to hi career. The numbers 1-12 on the floor represent the 12 solo albums Jay has released so far. If you step on a number, an interview during the time he created that particular album will uncover on the projection. 

"The closest of friends when we first started, but grew apart as the money grew and soon grew black hearted."