F.C. Dorsum x The LINE Hotel

Spatial Design/Product Graphics/Creative Direction

" Serving as a crossway for cultural integration, the LINE Hotel is located in the heart of Koreatown. This particular location has grown to be an entity that takes pride in the history of the neighborhood as well as the future of Koreatown. In addition, The Line Hotel hosts an event series titled “HERE” that offers other people, brands, and groups a platform to tell their story in an intimate space located in a private suited. The selected guests would be shown an in-depth experience of the topics and are open to discussion over food and drinks. On April 25th, F.C. Dorsum will be featured through the “HERE” event in a special collaboration with The Line Hotel. The brand takes heavy inspiration from the game of football that well echoes the hotel’s ability to bring people together from all over the world. The collaboration is commemorated through an exclusive t-shirt for invited guests, as well as hotel room essentials like slippers, robes, and key cards. F.C Dorsum’s new SS17 line is set to drop 4.25.17 on their website www.fcdorsum.com. (@fcdorsum)"


direction by F.C. Dorsum / photos by Qudoe, Aaron Miller, AJ Corleone, Bobo Nuyent