F.C. Dorsum: Summer 17 Visuals

Creative Direction/Product/Photography

I designed this Summer 17 Collection and shot the look book. Shout out dad for letting me indefinitely borrow his camera.

"Fresh off their collaborative project with Los Angeles staple, The Line Hotel, F.C. Dorsum drops their 3rd collection just in time for the heating weather. Staying true to their brand ethos of football inspired fashion pieces, they expand their collection size to deliver their message.

The collection shows contrast between night and day, playful and dark, with inspiration coming from the murder of own-goal Colombian, Andrés Escobar, to Pedro from “Napoleon Dynamite." The stand out pieces include the Juna Jacket, which is dedicated to the ex-girlfriend of a co-founder (see item description in online store,) and the Quo beanie which includes an assortment of random pins for each order, providing a unique experience."

Fun Fact: The entire lookbook was shot at IKEA, because they are poor."


direction by F.C. Dorsum / modeled by Jae Won Kyung & Black Galifinakis